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Dip your toe in supporting a disappearing community
while enjoying  Japanese countryside experience


What is TRALIVE?

What if,
people living all over the world could give this town a helping hand?

"Kamikawa, the smallest town in Hyogo Prefecture," is one of the regions most affected by shrinking population in Japan. This town has been officially categorized as a disappearing community.

Therefore, we made it possible for people from around the world to assist in solving the lack of local supporters and needs of the community "while having fun" by interacting with locals either from the comfort of your own home or on the side of your trip to Japan.

This is TRALIVE, a program based on the concept of "traveling as if you live here".

Discover hidden gems of Japan through TRALIVE activities, which is something you can't experience on ordinary trips.  Your interest and involvement will bring this disappearing town back to life!

How to get involved?

Start now and register with TRALIVE Kamikawa.You can explore the charms of Kamikawa Town in this community of people interested in rural Japanese culture and Kamikawa.

Let's discover Kamikawa, the smallest town in Hyogo.The more you know about town, the more attractive it is. You can feel the warmth of the local residents.

Let's experience cultural exchange and rural Japanese culture with your smart phone or PC. It is also recommended to make connections with local residents before your trip.

Visit Kamikawa

Come and experience Kamikawa for yourself. Special exchange and cultural experiences are curated for you. You can also look forward to meeting people you meet here and discovering the local residents' favorite hidden gem place.

Local Experience

Our offering is more than just tourism. We offer an experience as if you were living in Kamikawa.
You will discover new things about life in Japanese countryside and about local residents helping each other.


Culture and History


Connect with People


​Hidden superb view

Virtual Experience


Discover the Culture


Opportunities to speak Japanese


Online Tour


TRALIVE Kamikawa is a place where you can experience as if you were living in Japan.

Register as a member first and get to know each other online.You will want to visit Kamikawa.

What our guests have to say

“I would love to do another travel like this, where you go to a tradicional Japanese house and cook and sleep as in a Japanese camp. I think that do the travel with a little group it's a really good idea, as you can do activities easily and get along with them even if you don't know them from before. I also liked all the views which are so different from the ones I can see in my country. I think that it is a really important part, as we want to see things that surprise us, that are not "normal" for us. And I think that's it's so important to interact with locals in order to have the real Japanese experience of the place. "


“i am perfectly happy with the whole trip, it was well planned, perfect group size, great choice of activites, i liked talking to everyone and especially i am happy that all of the organizers took so much care of me and my dietary restrictions. felt really welcome and respected!"



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